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805 QuickBooks ProAdvisors is a Santa Barbara CPA firm providing small business bookkeeping, accounting, and financial statement preparation services.


How We Are Different

We help small businesses succeed by collaborating with them through the QuickBooks Online Ecosystem. Our CPAs provide daily online bookkeeping, accounting, virtual CFO, financial statement preparation and income tax preparation services. 

Online Bookkeeping Services

We tailor QuickBooks Online to streamline your bookkeeping. We record and reconcile your day-to-day banking activity. We help you manage your payables, receivables, payroll, sales tax and expense reports.

QuickBooks Online Setup

A clean setup is the key to getting the most out of QuickBooks Online. We gather information about your business to help you determine the best combination of accounting technology and services.


  • We help you decide the best start date and coordinate the setup and conversion from your existing accounting system.
  • We set up your QuickBooks Online account as Master Administrator by converting your existing accounting file or starting from scratch.
  • We set up Bank Feeds and User Accounts. If bank feeds are not available from your bank, we will manually import your bank statements.
  • We record your transactions into QuickBooks Online and reconcile them to your ending bank and credit card statements.
  • We verify that the beginning trial balance is correct.
  • We provide a chart of accounts and reporting formats common to your industry.
  • We customize your Sales Invoices and other forms at your request.
  • We train you for whichever accounting tasks you decide to do, if any.

Online Bookkeeping Services

Our CPAs will record your daily transactions and maintain your general ledger in QuickBooks Online. You decide which bookkeeping tasks to do yourself, if any. 


  • We record daily sales and receipts.
  • We record daily purchases and payments.
  • We reconcile your bank and credit card accounts monthly.
  • We maintain your customer, vendor, and products and services records.
  • We submit sales invoices to your customers and maintain your accounts receivable (if applicable).
  • We log onto your Point of Sale system remotely via LogMeIn and post your daily sales transactions (if applicable).
  • We record your payroll in QuickBooks Online (if applicable).
  • We train you to upload your paper receipts to QuickBooks Online from your mobile phone.
  • We offer in-person support in Santa Barbara, support via phone, LogMeIn® or email.

Monthly Accounting & Financial Statement Preparation

Our CPAs will maintain your accounting accurately throughout the year. We will prepare your monthly financial statements under the auspices of professional standards provided by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.   

Monthly Accounting Service

Our CPAs will record your adjusting accounting entries every month.


  • We record your other transactions such as fixed assets, depreciation, and loans.
  • We record your monthly and year-end adjusting and correcting accounting entries.

Monthly Financial Statement Preparation Service

Our CPAs will provide you with timely, relevant and reliable monthly and year-end financial statements. We prepare your financial statements in accordance with your industry's reporting guidelines and your financial reporting framework.


  • We provide a monthly balance sheet, and related statements of income, changes in stockholders' equity, and cash flows, based on the guidelines of your industry and your financial reporting framework (e.g. US-GAAP, Cash Basis, Tax Basis, Modified Cash Basis).
  • We provide other customized reports at your request.
  • We conduct monthly meetings with you on your performance and discuss opportunities for cost savings.
  • We provide your tax preparer with clean year-end financial statements.
  • We help you make better business decisions.


Work Smarter, Faster, Better


Online bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified ProAdvisor


Contact us to request an Accounting Needs Assessment for your business. We will get a thorough understanding of your bookkeeping, accounting, and financial reporting needs. Then we will help you identify any inefficiencies and/or pain points, and offer suggestions for improvement.

Standard Add-Ons 

We use QuickBooks Online Apps to harness the power of the QuickBooks Online ecosystem. We create paperless workflows to streamline your time-consuming bookkeeping tasks.

Accounts Payable Workflow

On average, 40% of bookkeeping time is spent on accounts payable. streamlines your accounts payable workflow by providing an online document management system at the core. facilitates collaboration with your vendors, moves the money, and reconciles all the activity with QuickBooks Online and your bank.



  • We set up your account as Master Administrator.
  • We set up your Bank Account(s), User(s), email account, and fax number.
  • We set up your users roles (Clerk, Approver, Payer, etc.) in your approval chain.
  • We create the sync between and QuickBooks Online.

Ongoing Service:

  • You scan and email or fax bills to your personal email address.
  • We code expenditures and perform the data entry to prepare your bills for your approval.
  • You log into from your mobile device (or computer), review bills and Approve/Decline.
  • Bill payments are sent via U.S. mail or ePayment, which we will set up with your vendors.
  • We communicate with your vendors regarding the status of payments and sort out any issues.
  • We reconcile your monthly vendor statements.
  • We submit your year-end 1099 forms to your vendors and process the related tax filings.

Online Payroll

Trust your payroll with your CPA who knows your business. Just sign into Online Payroll, enter hours and we run payroll for you. We do payroll taxes and filing for you. We record your payroll transactions in your QuickBooks Online accounting ecosystem.


  • You sign into our secure Online Payroll from any Internet connection, enter the hours worked for each employee and click "Create Paychecks”.
  • You set up new employees and remove terminated employees.
  • We calculate, file, and pay your payroll taxes.
  • We file your federal and state payroll filings.
  • We maintain your sync between Online Payroll and QuickBooks Online.

View a demo of Online Payroll.

Test drive Online Payroll using a sampy company.

Review the Payroll Service Comparison Chart below:

Online Payroll Comparison Chart

Online Timesheets

We use TSheets to streamline your timesheets. You save time and money by eliminating time cards and costly penalties.


  • Your employees can track their time accurately with their mobile device or Twitter.
  • Your employees submit their timesheets to their manager.
  • Your managers review employee times and approve them all at once or one at a time.
  • Your managers can receive overtime alerts before employee overtime begins.
  • You choose to have overtime alerts sent to your employees (when approaching overtime), managers or administrators via email, twitter, or text.
  • Track employee time and location with GPS - always know who is working, where and on what.
  • Track employee vacation, sick and holiday accruals.
  • Your timesheets will be DOL & DCAA payroll compliant, detailed, accurate and in real-time.
  • With all of your timesheet data synced in QuickBooks Online, you can process payroll, calculate job costing, create invoices and more...

Advanced Add-Ons 

Automated Expense Reports

On average, nearly half of accounts payable time is spent processing expense reports. We use Tallie to streamline your Expense Reporting workflow.  

Sales Tax Automation

For businesses with multiple locations or e-commerce sales, we use Avalara to manage your sales tax processes. Get peace of mind knowing that you are in compliance. 


  • We calculate the right rate and tax calculation for any given sale.
  • We file and remit your sales tax returns and payments.
  • We integrate your sales tax process into your QuickBooks Online ecosystem.

Outsourced CFO Services

We serve as your CFO by helping you budget, forecast and plan for more profit. Ideal for growing firms that need better decision-making processes, but do not warrant a full-time Chief Financial Officer.


  • We provide a line-by-line Budget at the start of the year. 
  • We perform monthly Performance Reviews with budget-to-actual comparisons. 
  • We provide monthly Cash Flow Forecasts on a rolling basis. 


Online bookkeeping with 805 QuickBooks ProAdvisors of Santa Barbara

"I purchased a business with 3 employees. Overwhelmed with paper work and not having employees in the past, Sean came to the rescue. Not only did he teach me about the fundamentals of being an employer but he also organized my business so that I would have more time to do what I do best - grow my business. I can't believe that I can now do payroll with my cell phone! Paying vendors, payroll, and QuickBooks Online is now a breeze. Thanks Sean!"

Albert Brau Christianson Financial Services | Solvang, CA January 15, 2015


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